5 Ways Trump’s political campaigns may change in 2017

The year 2016 was filled with controversy and eye-opening evenings, 2017 is promised to be just as unpredictable, if not even more. As President-elect, Donald Trump made his way into the presidency; his campaign decisions will affect nearly million of people in America, and possibly many in the entire world.

Here are five ways politics may change in 2017.

US relations with Russia

Trump stated that he made a promise to repair ties with Russia and create a new relationship with President Vladimir Putin. With this connection, the U.S. and Russia could unit and likely fight against terrorist group ISIS in the Middle East.

Test of national security

As Trump and vice president-elect, Mike Pence prepares for the roles of the State Department and CIA, their lack of experience in dealing with national security crisis well end up affecting the citizens of America. This could lead other countries to take advantage of the situation and even form a terror attack. These events will ultimately test the outsider approach of Trump.


Trump’s infrastructure scheme in reviving the nation’s transportation system promises the destruction of regulations made by Obama. However, the long stance of opposing government interventions to create jobs will likely one plan that Donald Trump and the Congress may agree upon.

Building the promised wall of America

During the beginning of Trump’s campaign, he created a clash between illegal immigrants and citizens with his promise to build a wall to keep immigrants out. How he plans to overcome the challenges of this project to ultimately help his reputation as the presidency as he plans on expelling all undocumented migrants back to their homeland.

The deal with Iran

As Trump is known to have been mocking the Iran nuclear deal, it is the center of President Obama’s foreign policy to renegotiate the transaction and bargain the plan. The decision to pull out of the deal could create an unpredictable path that might require military action.

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