About Us

CUHW is about politics and the struggles that come with it. We provide a unique analysis as we aim to take on events and provide better and well-educated perspectives on important factors that we face today. We aim to help fill the void and talk about policies that further consecutive goals rather than promote individuals or parties running in politics.

When it comes to politics, the harder you work, the luckier you will get. This means politics requires great plans, investments and volunteer work to win a successful campaign. However, these are not as important as what goes into the issues in the policy.

CUHW is dedicated to those who stay involved on poll trends and like to read up on expert commentaries. We understand the full aspects of politics and what information is important during elections. We provide discussions that are good reasons based on analysis and factual.

Here at CUHW, we discuss the issues and events that involve politics that is also hard to ignore. In our years of experience, we’ve seen horrible candidates get elected, while great ones lose. We believe that is it the quality of work that makes candidates wants to run to make a better different for their community and country.