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  • 5 Ways Trump’s political campaigns may change in 2017

    The year 2016 was filled with controversy and eye-opening evenings, 2017 is promised to be just as unpredictable, if not even more. As President-elect, Donald Trump made his way into the presidency; his campaign decisions will affect nearly million of people in America, and possibly many in the entire world.

    Here are five ways politics may change in 2017.

    US relations with Russia

    Trump stated that he made a promise to repair ties with Russia and create a new relationship with President Vladimir Putin. With this connection, the U.S. and Russia could unit and likely fight against terrorist group ISIS in the Middle East.

    Test of national security

    As Trump and vice president-elect, Mike Pence prepares for the roles of the State Department and CIA, their lack of experience in dealing with national security crisis well end up affecting the citizens of America. This could lead other countries to take advantage of the situation and even form a terror attack. These events will ultimately test the outsider approach of Trump.


    Trump’s infrastructure scheme in reviving the nation’s transportation system promises the destruction of regulations made by Obama. However, the long stance of opposing government interventions to create jobs will likely one plan that Donald Trump and the Congress may agree upon.

    Building the promised wall of America

    During the beginning of Trump’s campaign, he created a clash between illegal immigrants and citizens with his promise to build a wall to keep immigrants out. How he plans to overcome the challenges of this project to ultimately help his reputation as the presidency as he plans on expelling all undocumented migrants back to their homeland.

    The deal with Iran

    As Trump is known to have been mocking the Iran nuclear deal, it is the center of President Obama’s foreign policy to renegotiate the transaction and bargain the plan. The decision to pull out of the deal could create an unpredictable path that might require military action.

    Will Trump live up to his expectations as the next American president? Comment below and tell us what you think!

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  • Top 3 political players to watch in 2017

    2016 was one of the biggest political years for many countries across the globe as it becomes the year of the Brexit and the rise of Donald Trump. There is no doubt that the drama will continue into 2017 as these new changes are some that we must endure as a united nation.

    Here are our top 3 political players to watch in 2017.

    Donald Trump

    As the new 45th president of the United States prepared to take office starting January 20, Donald Trump will become the most-watched political figure to date as the country becomes unsure of the future. With the promises to build a wall to keep out immigrants, new Obama care replacement plan, and his frequent outburst on Twitter – that leaves most of us to wonder what serious he plans to take on his role.

    Justin Trudeau

    As the second full term in office, Justin Trudeau is entering the pressure of building himself as the prime minister to deliver promises from his campaign, which includes pipelines, climate change, relations with the indigenous tribes of Canada, and proper health care.

    Aside from his impressive campaigns, let’s not forget about the latest shakeup with the incoming president-elect, Donald Trump who aims to discuss the matters of trade, foreign policy, and climate.

    Jason Kenney

    As the former Conservative cabinet minister Jason Kenney, moved west, it is yet unsure if he can win the PC leadership in Alberta and connect the right this year. As the conservative party tries to regain and build, the battle for Alberta’s voters has become the most-watched political debate. As Kenney continues his attempt to unite the Wildrose Party and Progressive Conservatives, all eyes are installed to see what the outcome will be.

    What do you think will be the biggest impact over the course of 2017? Comment below and let us know what you think!

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  • What you should know about the brexit

    The Brexit is short for “Britain’s Exit” as Britain is now preparing to leave the European Union. But everyone understands why. The referendum was held on June 23, 2016, as voters made the decision as to whether the United Kingdom should leave or stay in the European Union.

    As the total 52% of voters made the decision to leave, England was the first to vote out. To follow, Wales voted to leave with a mere 52.5^, while Northern Ireland and Scotland voted to stay.

    What has happened since the primary vote?

    Since then, Theresa May became Britain’s new Prime Minister as the former home secretary took over office the day David Camera resigned within 24 hours of losing the referendum. However, Theresa May was also against leaving the EU as she still chose to respect the decision. There is still plenty of debate as to what will go into the practice of how British firms will do business with the European Union and the rights of European Union nationals to live still in the UK.

    What will happen to the economy?

    It appears that the UK economy experienced the financial shock of the Brexit as the value of the pound remains low. Britain also lost their top AAA credit rate as the cost of government loans will become high. However, the share prices recovered with British businesses trading more than before the vote.

    Will Britain leave the EU?

    The decision to leave the EU create an agreement called the Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty which will provide two sides a period of two years to agree to terms of the separation. According to Theresa May, she plans to end the process and reach terms by April of 2017.

    What will happen to EU citizens who reside in the UK?

    The government has yet to provide firm details about the status of EU nationals who live in the UK. However, EU citizens do have a right to permanent residence after living in the UK for five years.

    What do you think about the Brexit decision? Comment below and tell us what you think!